As a dog owner you should know that dog training plays a great role into having a well behaved pet dog around the house. In this way you will know that your commands are listened to allowing your pet dog do the proper things and always get his portion of punishment when misbehaving. If you own a Coker Spaniel then you have chosen to have a pet dog that is very good with both other dogs and children. This breed makes them be a good option for families with kids and other breeds of dogs or other pet animals around the house.

Cocker Spaniels are very good to be kept in apartments since they are of medium size and have a good temperament that makes them likeable creatures. When you consider dog training for this breed you should think of taking him as soon as possible to socialize while still being a puppy.

As you must know by now, it is essential for their adulthood stage to be raised with possibilities of knowing all sorts of people. In this respect you should consider taking him in all types of outdoor places where he can see and meet people, hear all types of sounds, and sniffing at other dogs. This fact will have a great impact as they grow into adults making them more stable.

As part of the dog training, crate training is also very important for your Cocker Spaniel breed. With the use of a crate you can easily eliminate the behavior problems that many dog owners confront with for the housetraining.

Another thing that you need to ensure for your Cocker Spaniel is regular grooming. This is again part of the dog training program since your pet dog should be trained into grooming since his early stages of life. Always enable him to take the brushing and combing as a fun experience. Once this session reaches an end always give him a treat for his good behavior.

Always keep in mind that Cocker Spaniels are very sensitive breeds, and as such you should use positive reinforcement with them. The usual commands for this breed are: sit, down, stand, stay, come and heel. Along with all these take care to have them exercised daily because these breeds belong to sporting groups of dog breeds and they will surely love you.

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