My Labrador retriever puppy is now the best trained dog in my neighborhood. It was not always the case. When she was smaller, barking, biting, digging up the neighbors flower beds, and many more problems were a daily occurrence.

I studied multiple online courses, DVD guides, books, and videos to find out the best ways to train puppies. One area that was particularly important was potty training my puppy.

The Big Mess!

A puppy dog is cute, fun and a bundle of agility and action. But it can also be a pain… especially when she messes up your house. The responsibility for potty training my puppy is primarily mine – and so I got right into it.

Here’s what I did:

1. I had a doggy door installed into my front door. This let my little Labrador puppy go out into the yard when she had to relieve herself.

2. I picked a spot in the garden which would be ok for her to use – and trained her to always go there. Always make sure you guide your puppy to the same spot. Consistency is important in potty training.

3. Give them enough time to do their job. If you try and rush them because you want to hurry back to do other things, you’re creating a problem for yourself in cleaning up the mess.

4. Reward good behavior. Whenever she went outside to urinate, I would give my puppy a small reward or treat. This helped potty training.

5. Accidents happen. If your puppy goes inside, don’t yell or scream. If you can avert it, a shout can create a distraction long enough for you to lead her outside.

6. What to do at night is often a big worry. Get a puppy crate and train your dog to sleep in it. That way, you limit the area of damage.

7. Just before retiring for the night, take your puppy into the garden and encourage her to relieve herself. When you follow a schedule for toilet training regularly, then your puppy will automatically learn to control her behavior.

I hope these tips help you with toilet training your puppy. I remember those good old days when I took my black Labrador out into the night, straining to see where she had gone, worrying she’d run away and go digging all over the garden.

Today, potty training my puppy is an experience that has helped me share precious tips with many other dog lovers and helped them in turn train their little dogs to become better behaved pets.