The holiday is planning to come for dog owners and the usual question is: “What to do with the dog?” Well, in some cases, it is certainly reasonable to accommodate the four-legged friends in a good boarding kennel. This should be considered especially if air travel to far off is planned and above all excessively warm countries. This would do the dog any favors for beach vacation is at 40 ° C in the shade in his dreams … certainly not before their bodies Dogs cannot cool down, unfortunately, as we humans simply by sweating and thus stabilize its circulation. They suffer so much during the summer under the hot temperatures more than their two-legged companions.

Holidays on the water like most dogs thoroughly, but the temperatures should be mild and not too hot. With a great hiking vacation can be his four-legged housemates also do a big favor. After all, this offers the opportunity for him to meet many new areas, which may be by the numerous foreign smells and sensations of a very interesting affair. Last but not least, the dog in this way always in contact with his family. What more could wish for dogs? The classic holiday towns with endless tours through museums and galleries in turn are not to his liking. He does it with one, but in principle it is the stress between the many people too much and may even affect scary. So where dogs tourists like to drive?

Pet friendly in Germany

Germany is of course the classic destinations of dog owners. Many are planning a vacation with your dog on the Baltic Sea, which lends itself very shortly before or after the season special. Then, the beaches are not crowded and the temperatures moderate. Of course you can also go into the season with the dog on the Baltic Sea. Then you should make sure that a dog beach is located near the property. Among the objectives of the water also pierce the Mecklenburg Lake District and the waters in the region Berlin / Brandenburg emerged as recommended.

Hikers are drawn to the resin, in the in the large forests of Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg. Pet in the Black Forest is particularly popular because they fly so to speak, several can with one stone. The mountainous area allows long hikes. At the many small mountain streams you can go freshen up what most dogs love it. If you would like to swim, can do the same with the four-legged friends in many parts of the Tidies, though one must of course take into account other bathers.

What the foreign offers for dog people?

Basically, you can visit almost all European countries relatively easily with the dog. Of course there are differences in terms of entry requirements and the acceptance of animals. In Austria and Switzerland can spend a wonderful active holiday together with one or more dogs. The animals enjoy a similar status as here in Germany, which is particularly important in finding a dog friendly accommodation very helpful. The entry requirements are easy to fulfill.

Norway and Sweden are currently still considered exotic, Norway which is especially strong in coming. Anyone who wants to enjoy a feeling of freedom and space and is looking forward to a hearty fishing vacation that is right in Scandinavia. The top favorite among the Scandinavian countries, Denmark is no doubt. The reasons are obvious. Dog’s holiday in Denmark requires first of all only a short journey. The accommodations, especially the cottages are mainly focused on traveling with dogs. But the main asset is the most beautiful coastline with endless beaches, which may come to the dog. In the season he has indeed kept on a leash, but that does not detract from the overall fun.

In the warmer countries such as Italy, Spain, France and Croatia, depends above all on the season as to whether the leave is for the dog to a happy event. In France, there are lovely coastal areas, which are even traveling with several dogs, a dream destination. Croatia has spread stone and pebble beach’s, of course, but also some beautiful sandy beaches, for dogs, however, are taboo. In Croatia, this is to find a nice spot the tourist beaches in order to bathe the dog, which dictates of reason, not in the hot summer with the dog to travel to Croatia. In Italy there are very temperature-wise parts of the country, but also close to mountain vacation destinations that allow a dog’s vacation. One should inquire carefully before traveling over the region travel to be welcome on site with the dog.

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