If you want your dog to be able to compete in dog agility shows, you have a big commitment in front of you. If you want to be a positive experience for you, the owner of the dog and your dog, there are a few tips that may want to exploit. Teach your dog tricks flexibility is very important to have a fun teaching him or her, rather than an irritant that time only serves to create tension between you and your dog.

First, even before you begin the process of training, dog agility with your dog, you have to do medical exams. Your dog can not get this kind of health education, if not in ideal conditions. You will never know if your pet has trouble breathing every time the high level of effort until it is too late. If the joints are sensitive, or maybe less, it is difficult to prepare an agility dog as well. For this reason, we recommend that you ensure that your vet stamp of approval before going in search of companies providing training.

After that, you better start teaching your dog when they are young. You understand that the old expression, the fact is that it is much harder to teach old dog new tricks. This can be compared with humans, how can absorb new information more rapidly in young minds. Moreover, considering the energy of new dogs will naturally have a problem with the hands should begin early in the dog agility training.

Then there is the need for agility equipment sufficient to teach your puppy. Common accessories include tunnels, poles, ladders, ramps, swings, barriers and built a pipe PVC. The easiest way to start your puppy is special education. If you do not have many years experience with agility training, you can easily discouraged, without the help of a professional. Agility training is definitely an ongoing thing, like mastering a new language, which may be gone; your dog is more likely to forget the details of their training.

Finally, we have the wonderful opportunity to train a dog agility should start in the right place at the right time. Start training when your dog is well less than one year and under the supervision of a qualified instructor agility dog. You can help your dog become more fit, disciplined and in other areas of life, and his efforts to have the opportunity to win awards in competitive events

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