Breeding dogs is more than just getting a bitch pregnant. There are certain decisions that should be carefully considered when breeding dogs. The first most important one is the reason for the breeding.

Some people may get their dogs to mate and then decide later they have no use for the puppies. This is just a waste of resources. Decide if you want to raise the puppies for yourself or if you are going to sell them. You must then decide what kind of breeds you are looking for. Do you just want pets? Or are you looking for hunting dogs or working dogs? This is something you must consider carefully.

The type of breed you are looking for will determine the type of mate you get. Before that though you must be sure your dog is healthy enough. If its female, you must be sure their reproductive health is in the best condition. You must be sure that they can be able to carry a healthy pregnancy. If it’s a male, you must be sure it’s healthy enough to sire. It’s always advisable to talk to a vet before you start mating your dog. Find out if there are things that need to be done before the breeding process begins.

Then you have to select the right mate. This will be determined by the end result you are hoping for. You must consider the breed you will get as a mate. You must look at their genetic background. This is to make sure that there are no hereditary conditions that could affect the breeding. The quality of the breed must also be good enough. If you want mixed breeding, you must find the compatible breed to your dog. You must also be sure that the puppies that result from this will come with the characteristics you were aiming for. There are things like the physical characteristics and the emotional state that should also be considered when choosing a mate.

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