To properly handle and teach your puppy must understand, “do not punish him” for reasons not as fast as us. With him understand things are enough. This is achieved by repeating the order in the same way every day, with the same word and the same gesture.

It is not necessary to prepare a speech with few words is enough? The most important thing is to have lots of patience, dedication and love for your new friend.

There are several basic rules that must be taken into account at the start of training:

The modulation of the voice should be soft and pleasant at the time of reward, and dry and hard to make time to fulfill an order. You have to choose a name, so that you can identify with him and get his attention, should be short and to repeatedly hear the recording with ease. Only use your name to say nice things and never scold.

When small and / or newly arrived home, it is advisable to buy toys to learn to play and distract you when you want to bite an object from home. You should sniff around the house (to know your country), we must follow him wherever you go and if you find you have the urge to urinate or defecate is to take it to the corner where you want to eliminate.

The dog is an animal, not reason, so what to us seems a grace when is small, it will be a grace when he grows up. In this sense, if once we let it stand on the chair without suppressing it, do it for a long time. You should never hit it (patience), recalls that as a child learns every day and according to the dedication and affection that you have very good results or else your dog might be afraid and obey only out of fear.

Show him his plate of food and water (to identify your location) and bring to your house, cushion or place where it will rest. Began to mourn and pray you are with him and take it out of there, but if you’ve been wrong the first step to begin to control yourself and what you want.

When you disobey, do something wrong or this command him doing “tricks” you have to give the order not strongly, and so he will be learning what is wrong and what not. When taking orders, it is good to reward him with the words very well, touching and / or giving a prize. At the end, your dog will be great-full and will surely love you.