In most homesteads and compounds, the first moving thing you are likely to notice is a dog. Probably; because it fiercely barks at you, is attractive or it simply looks like a really good idea to have one. Everyone buys a dog for reasons best known to them. Are you also thinking of buying a dog? Well, not too fast.

There are several basic factors you need to consider before undertaking the purchasing move. Notice, a dog is not something you buy and return the following day. It is not like that shoe that you buy and when it refuses to fit you return. Once you take this step, it’s upon you to live with the trouble, or sell it. Notice, if you decide to sell the dog, more often than not you sell at a hugely lower price than you bought. Do you really want to go through such an unnecessary mess?

Firstly, you need to be well equipped with a habitat which is safe for your pet. Where will you keep the dog once you buy it? Consider the maintenance too. Notice, different dogs are fed on different diets. Therefore, you need to be very articulate on the kind of breed you buy. Make sure you can comfortably maintain the dog.

Secondly, settle your bills for any medical expenses that might arise. Dogs’ medical expenses tend to rise with their sizes and age.

You also need to check on your availability. A common factor with dogs is they like human company. When you are not around for your dog, is there someone else who can take care of it and likewise give it company?

You also need to consider things like allergies and children as well. Some breeds are not recommended. Therefore before making any moves to buy a dog, conduct a bit of research and also consult the dog experts near you.

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