The 19th Annual New Mexico Ag Expo will proudly feature stock dog training with local trainer Kyle Dillard of Milnesand, N.M. Hands on training will be offered again this year but limited to 10 participants. Stock Dog Demonstrations will start at 9 a.m. on Feb. 23 and continue on throughout the day.

Kyle has been around and used dogs on the ranch for most of his life. He has been training dogs for seven years and participating in stock dog trials for three years. Dogs are an integral part of life on the ranch and are used daily for various chores and tasks.

Kyle has worked with and learned from various trainers and clinicians including former Ag Expo trainer Orin Barnes. “Well-trained dogs can be a valuable asset to anyone working with livestock,” said Patrick Kircher, Roosevelt County ag agent.


Many dogs awaiting adoption in local shelters are pit bulls, the so called “bully breed.”

This month, Dynamic Dog Training is offering a special seminar on “Rehabilitating, Training and Handling Pit Bulls and Bully Breeds,” for prospective owners and shelter volunteers.

The topics include: How to tell a good shelter dog from a bad one, Training techniques and Dispelling the myths about pit bulls.

Dog trainer, Sue Parker, says, “There is a message in all of this, and it’s really that if you want to own one of these dogs, we’re here to support you. We’re here to show you what they’re all about. We’re here to show you how to keep your dog safe, how to keep yourself safe. There are many Rhode Island pit bulls that are waiting for a home, and they’re fantastic dogs! Don’t be afraid to adopt.”

The seminar is scheduled for Wednesday evening, Feb. 23. The cost is $10.

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